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Fear from possible repetition of history in the region and conviction that inadequate position towards the past in decades subsequent to the WW2 actually led to the new cycle of violence on the Balkans, combined with awareness that country I used to live in was far better than the one I am currently living simply force me not to stand aside and calmly watch how education system that I am part of contributes to creation of new generations ready for hatred.


Between August 12-17 2013, Anne Frank House The Netherlands (AFH) and Youth Initiative for Human Rights BH (YIHR BH) in cooperation with Humanity in Action (HiA) organized the film workshop “Memory Walk” in neighbouring cities Sarajevo and Istočno-Sarajevo. In 5 days, 12 participants - coming from different backgrounds and parts of both cities- went together on a discovery journey to explore and document the monuments in their direct surroundings to find out more about these – often competing- cemented memories in stone of World War II and the war in the 1990s.

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We visited three memory sites related to the siege of the town in 1991: the Memorial-Museum in the hospital of Vukovar, the Ovčara Memorial and the Ovčara mass grave site, and the Vukovar Memorial Cemetery. The hospital in Vukovar which was under heavy shelling throughout 1991 but continued operating in the basement until the fall of the town, is today an operating hospital, but its basement has been used as a Memorial-Museum. The memorial at Ovcara has been erected at the place where the victims were executed and buried in a mass grave, and a Memorial established in 2006 in one of the hangars were the victims were brought before their execution. The “Memorial Cemetery of Homeland War Victims” was established on the site of a mass grave were 938 Croatian soldiers and civilians were buried after the occupation of Vukovar

Memory in Focus

Oral History Collection “Croatian Memories. Unveiling personal memories on war and detention” An online oral history collection that aimed to preserve the personal memories of all interested witnesses of political events in Croatia and to preserve them from falling into oblivion. The material has been collected by Documenta. Center for Dealing with the Past in cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.