Exchange Platform
on History and Remembrance

The 7th annual study trip and workshop will take place in Serbia, 9-15.10.2016

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In my next research project, I will deal with Living History phenomena and the connection between history and art. As this includes a very peculiar approach of dealing with the past I will continue working on that topic with a slightly changed perspective. The dialogue between academia and practitioners is still of high importance for me and I hope to be able to fruitfully contribute to it with my activities.


“Justice without reconciliation? War Crimes and Trials in France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia” - Seminar cycle for students from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia, organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia, Max-Mannheimer-Centar Dachau, ALTEA Limoges, Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo, Community building Mitrovica Franco-German Youth Office.

memory map

The workshop 2011 was organized in Prijedor in North-Western Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to offer the participants the opportunity to discover memory sites linked to the Second World War on the one hand and to the 1992-1995 war in BiH on the other. In 1992, nearly the entire Non-Serb population was expelled from the town and several thousands of them killed; we visited the former concentration camps Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje which existed from May to August 1992 in Prijedor, and which remain largely unmarked until today. At the three former camps, former detainees talked about their own experiences and the history of these sites.

Memory in Focus

Oral History Collection: “Genocide Film Library” Following the example of the Shoah Foundation, the Genocide Film Library is gathering thousands of interview with survivors and witnesses of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a freely accessible online library..