Memory Lab – Spring - Workshop “Wake up Europe, Sarajevo Calling”

Memory Lab – Spring - Workshop “Wake up Europe, Sarajevo Calling” Connecting Local History and International Perspectives, Sarajevo, 26-29 June 2017, organized by the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft and crossborder factory

The History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently rethinking the content, structure and design of its permanent exhibition “Besieged Sarajevo” which was inaugurated in 2003 and which is dealing with the life and survival of the citizens of Sarajevo during the 1992-1995-siege. In this context, the History Museum organized, in cooperation with the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft and crossborder factory, in June 2017 a two-days-workshop in Sarajevo with the title Wake up Europe, Sarajevo Calling” - Connecting Local History and International Perspectives. The workshop brought together the team of the History Museum of BiH and curators, historians and educators from the Western Balkans and the European Union, who worked on the current exhibition and elaborated concrete recommendations for its further development. By connecting experts from the local, regional and international level, with their respective knowhow, experiences and perspectives, the workshop also tackled the question how the history and the memories of the siege of Sarajevo can be embedded in the European/ international context.

The workshop was an activity organized in the framework of “Memory Lab – Trans- European Exchange Platform on History and Remembrance”.

Memory Lab associates taking part in the workshop: Elma Hasimbegovic, Kaja Sirok, Tamara Banjeglav, Gruia Badescu, Joachim König, Christian Melka, Nicolas Moll

The report of the workshop can be found here:

Report Memory Lab Workshop HistoricalMuseum 2017 First Part

Report Memory Lab Wokshop HistoricalMuseum 2017 Second Part