Joint activity France, Germany, Macedonia 2013

Examples of joint activities which have been developed by associates of “Memory Lab” through the contacts established during the annual gatherings:

Symposium "Remembrance of the Civil Victims of War"

In cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the French Institute in Zagreb, Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Croatia (YIHR) organised in the town of Petrinja (central Croatia) a symposium "Remembrance of the Civil Victims of War". Petrinja, as the town that suffered during the 1990s war in Croatia, was chosen as the venue of the symposium - aiming to present memorialisation of civil victims of war practices in Germany, France and Croatia - with the wish to further discuss the initiative for opening a museum dedicated to the civil victims of war in the town.

Memory Lab – Spring - Workshop “Wake up Europe, Sarajevo Calling”

October 2015 / May 2015 / October 2014

“From Sarajevo (1914) to Sarajevo (1992-1996) : Why and how to use Memorials and Museums to teach the history of wars and mass violence in Europe?” - Training for history teachers and students from BiH, Croatia, France and Germany, organized by Historical Museum BiH, Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia, Memorial Centar Buchenwald, Historial of the Great War Péronne, Franco-German Youth Office.

October 2016 / March 2016 / November 2015

“Justice without reconciliation? War Crimes and Trials in France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia” - Seminar cycle for students from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia, organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia, Max-Mannheimer-Centar Dachau, ALTEA Limoges, Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo, Community building Mitrovica Franco-German Youth Office.

December 2013 / February 2013 / June 2012:

“Monuments and identity”: Seminar cycle for representatives from NGOs and other organizations from France, Germany and Macedonia, organized by the French-German Youth Office, the Max-Mannheimer-Studienzentrum Dachau, the Historial of the Great War in Péronne and LOJA (Tetovo).

  • June 2012 – First phase: Tetovo and Skopje
  • February 2013 – Second phase: Berlin
  • December 2013 – Third phase: Paris, Péronne, Commines (Belgium) and Ypres (Belgium)

November 2013:

“Developing a culture of communication about remembrance in Prijedor”: Workshop organized in Prijedor organized by Documenta, the Berlin Wall Memorial and crossborder factory with NGOs and citizens from Prijedor


August 2013:

“Memory Walk” in Sarajevo and East-Sarajevo, organized by the Anne Frank House Amsterdam and the YIHR BiH

Narrative report

March 2013:

Seminar on memorialization Mising Persons in the Western Balkans, organized by the ICMP: Interventions from Gunter Schlusche / Berlin Wall Memorial and Nicolas Moll


March 2013 / January 2012:

“War Crimes and Trials”: Seminar cycle for students from France, Germany, Croatia and Serbia, organized by the YIHR Serbia, ALD Osijek, the DRJCS Limoges, the French-German Youth Office and the Max-Mannheimer-Studienzentrum Dachau.

  • January 2012 – first phase: Dachau, Munich, Nurenberg and The Hague
  • March 2013 – second phase: Zagreb, Jasenovac, Osijek, Vukovar, Belgrade


May 2012:

Study trip to Berlin for associations of Missing Persons, organized by the ICMP: intervention from Günter Schlusche/ Berlin Wall Memorial.