Mirna Buljugić

Mirna Buljugić

Director of Media Outlet

  • Former activities:


  • My organization:
    Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) - Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Examples of concrete activities I have organized/am organizing in the field of “dealing with the past”:
    • working on the Balkan Transitional Justice program (stories, investigations)
    • monitoring war crime trials
    • working on the making of documentary movies

  • Concrete challenges I am facing in my “dealing with the past”-related work:

    Lack of cooperation of judiciary bodies in achieving transparency and obligations towards the public.

  • My personal link to/interest for the topic of “dealing with difficult pasts”:
    My interest is related to what each of us survived in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). On the other hand, it is another challenge to monitor such a large part of the processes for war crimes before the courts in BiH. Also, I would add that it is very important to be a part of history that will one day be written and know the facts that were presented before courts in BiH. BIRN BiH has a complete archive of these cases, including the stories of survivors and witnesses. Personally and professionally I am happy that I am part of this important story.