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on History and Remembrance

8th annual Memory Lab study trip / workshop:

Madrid, Belchite, Barcelona, La Jonquera, Rivesaltes


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I am the only employee of the association and somebody who has been listening for years the stories of more than 10.000 persons. I also survived the camps and the ethnic cleansing and am a member of a family whose father has been killed. Apart from that, I am determined to stay in BiH which is not the existing trend and I will continue living in Prijedor. After so many years of work in this field, at a certain moment a person becomes a part of this small group of almost irreplaceable persons which we represent. Also, after listening of a huge amount of horrific confessions, you become emotionally connected. The war and war suffering become an unbreakable part of your character and something that determines me and my life.


“Justice without reconciliation? War Crimes and Trials in France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia” - Seminar cycle for students from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia, organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia, Max-Mannheimer-Centar Dachau, ALTEA Limoges, Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo, Community building Mitrovica Franco-German Youth Office.

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Situated in the town of Péronne, in the north of Paris, the “Historial of the Great War” is related to the First World War and the battle of the Somme in 1916, where British and French troops on the one hand and German troops, on the other hand, fought one of the most murderous battles of the First World War, with 300.000 dead and missing soldiers. The Historial, developed together by the British, French and German experts, was opened in 1992, and conceives itself “neither [as] a memorial nor [as] a military museum but [as] a museum of mentalities which seeks to show how the cultural representations of combatants and civilians were drastically modified by the war”.

Memory in Focus

"History as Elephant in the Room: Observations from Serbia’s Memory Lab". Jacqueline Niesser's reflections about Serbia's contemporary history and current culture of memory, inspired by the last Memory Lab. See: