Bringing history to life? The role of time-witnesses and of material objects in history education in Europe

Seminar cycle Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia – France – Germany 2021/2

Online Info Session: Wednesday 18 November 2020, 16h30-18h

How can young people learn about recent historical events they were too young to directly experience themselves? History education in Europe and elsewhere faces the challenge to make history for young people concrete, and to transmit to young people an understanding and also a feeling for the past and its relevance for today. Experience has shown the importance to work on the one hand with time-witnesses, and on the other hand with material objects (as physical remnants from historical periods/events, photos, newspapers, …). Both are, in their own way, bearing testimony about the past and can make, through their direct and physical presence, this past palpable for young people. But neither working with time-witnesses nor with historical objects is something self-evident. What are the advantages but also the problems and limits when working with time-witnesses? What to do when there are no time-witnesses anymore? What are possibilities to work with time-witnesses, and also with historical objects? How can historical objects become active and interactive communication tools with and for young people?

These are several of the questions which will be addressed during our project which will include three 5-days-seminars in 2021/22, one in Germany, one in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and one in France, and which is addressed to Museum or Memorial professionals, teachers, youth workers, and other interested persons, who are living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France or Germany.

If you are interested

- to know more about the project, the involved organisations and the main sites we will explore

- to learn about the possibilities to apply for and participate in this seminar cycle

- to have an interactive exchange about this project and its topics

we invite you to join us at the online info session which we will organize via zoom on 18.11.2020, from 16h30 – 18h (CET).
The info-session will be held in English.

Organization: Max-Mannheimer-Study-Center Dachau (D); Centre de la Mémoire Oradour (F); ALTEA France, Limoges (F) ; History Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo (BiH); Jasenovac Memorial Site (HR); Croatian History Teachers Association, Zagreb (HR), in the framework of the South Eastern Europe Initiative of the Franco-German Youth Office, and of Memory Lab

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