Western Balkans


  • Oral History Collection. “Croatian Memories. Unveiling personal memories on war and detention”
    An online oral history collection that aimed to preserve the personal memories of all interested witnesses of political events in Croatia and to preserve them from falling into oblivion. The material has been collected by Documenta. Center for Dealing with the Past in cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Documentation project: “Documenting Human Losses in Croatia 1991–1995”
    This project, initiated by Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past, aims to collect reliable information about the number of war victims between 1991–1995 and the fate of their suffering. It also aims to provide a publicly available and searchable database. Anyone who has information about the victims of war is invited to contact Documenta
  • Virtual Museum Dotrscina

Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Berlin History Workshop : Smartphone-App
    The smartphone app for the history of forced labor in Berlin. Witnesses from Eastern and Western Europe come on site to speak – with memories, personal accounts and personal documents. You can follow their footsteps, by foot, bike or by train- on five tours across the city. See:


  • European Observatory on Memories: Website European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) is a transnational network of institutions and organizations committed with the analysis and promotion of remembrance public policies , aiming to reflect on the recent history of the struggle for democracy and freedom in Europe, advocating for a plurality of memories. See:
  • International Sites of Conscience: Website
    The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is a worldwide network dedicated to transforming places that preserve the past into dynamic spaces that promote civic action on today’s struggles for human rights and justice.
    See: and
    Youtube channel:
  • Remembering Violence in Beirut: Photo- Essay
    New “Conflict in the Cities (CinC)” photo-essay 'Martyrs and Massacres: Memorialising Violence in Beirut' by Craig Larkin is now available to download: