Memory Lab in times of Corona

The current Covid-19-crisis is affecting each of us and our work in one way or the other. In this section Memory Lab-associates are sharing their experiences and impressions in relation with the current situation. We will regulary add new documents. You can find these documents also on our facebook-page:

→ When borders come back (2): After the photo-report by Gruia Badescu on the German-Swiss border at Konstanz/Kreuzlingen, Memory Lab associate Anja Medved has captured another situation of a formerly open border which has now again been closed: between the Italian town Gorizia and the Slovenian town Nova Gorica. You can find her photo-report on the Memory Lab-facebook page under this link:
Photoreport Gorizia - Nova Gorica

A video-message by Max Lütgens from the Dachau Memorial Site to all other Memory Lab -partners in Europe: on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Max talks about the importance to commemorate in these times of lockdow, and about the situation in his Memorial. You can watch the video on this link:

"When borders come back": Gruia Badescu is currently living in Konstanz in Germany, situated directly next to the Swiss town Kreuzlingen; in this photo report he is documenting how, as part of the anti-Corona-measures, a border fence suddenly reappeared between both towns, how it impacts the life and urban space and how the population in both towns are reacting to it:

When Borders Come Back (pdf)

« Letter from Ljubljana » : Kaja Sirok is director of the National Museum for Contemporary History in Slovenia. In this letter she writes about the closing of her museum due the Covid-19-crisis and how the museum is dealing with and also documenting the current crisis:

Letter from Ljubljana