2011: Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

In order to allow more visits during the program, since 2011 a two-days-study trip is preceding the three-days-workshop. The study trip, the 17th and 18th October, included visits to the Memorial Jasenovac (Croatia) and the Memorial Donja Gradina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), both dedicated to the memory of the Jasenovac concenteration camp 1941-1945, and to memory sites in Vukovar (Croatia) linked to the war in 1991. The workshop from 19th to 21th October, took place in Prijedor (BiH) and included presentations on the situation in Prijedor and memorialisation-challenges in Europe, field visits to memory sites in Prijedor (former concentration camps in Trnoplje, Omarska and Keraterm, monuments in the centar of Prijedor, and the Mrakovica Memorial related to the Partisans battle in 1942) and working group-sessions on concrete challenges the participants are facing in their work around memory sites.




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